The Complete Software Solution

Freedom® provides market-leading logistics software solutions for companies seeking a competitive edge


With Freedom®, making a booking or creating a quote couldn’t be easier

Freedom® provides advanced granularity and profiling capabilities, so entering a booking, delivery, pick-up or quote takes seconds to complete. All this backed by real-time updates provides you and your customers the full view of the booking process. 

  • Quickly set up simple or advanced customer profiling for a fast and efficient booking process.
  • Assign scheduled flight information at the click of a button that updates real-time as flight data changes.
  • Reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction with our integrated eCommerce delivery solution.
  • Process credit card payments at the point of booking.

Freedom® allows you to select the default tariff, contact name, pick-up address and method of payment for each account. Add passwords or references to the booking process to ensure all information is captured before a booking is completed.

Calculate a quoted price at any time during job entry and, once a job has been saved, choose to have it repeated at regular intervals, or make it available for quick re-use later.

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Freedom’s intelligent dispatch system ensures your resources are always optimally assigned, saving you time and money

Whether you control a fleet of executive vehicles, schedule collection or delivery of parcels, our assisted dispatch system allocates work based on driver, account, tariff, time of day, fleet load and capacity, cost of resource and a wealth of other options.

  • Allocate resources and work schedules via Freedoms fully-configurable driver app for iOS and Android.
  • Customisable screen layouts providing all the data you require, either in single or multiple views.
  • Automatically allocate work to your own fleet or agents with hub-based rules.
  • Integrate with other Freedom customers, one-to-one, to offer or receive work, expanding your coverage portfolio.

Controlling and scheduling is made easy by customisable screen layouts providing precise, up-to-the-minute information, however you want it. Being linked with our intelligent assisted dispatch system ensures your resources are always optimally assigned. 

Open multiple screen layouts simultaneously, allowing you to oversee several distinct groups of jobs and resources.  Screen layout views include the jobs status with text and colour changes and allows you to soft/hard-allocate drivers and vehicles. 

After the allocation process, track completion of individual pick-ups/drops within each job and allow a POD to be completed for each of these. Fully-integrated live flight-tracking information ensures your vehicles are at the right place at the right time.

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Save hours of planning with Freedom®

Optimise route-planning and resource allocation, reducing time and administration overheads you don’t need. Drag-and-drop functionality makes it simple to allocate work to drivers and vehicles. Integration with Google Maps allows viewing of street-level mapping, with zoom function,  ensuring you know the location of all your resources in real-time.

  • Calculate the best route for every booking, giving you driving time, distance and directions.
  • Real time view of your resources, including vehicles with satellite tracking.
  • Complete visual view showing vehicle position, speed, direction of travel, job status.
  • Historical data and reporting.

Freedom® provides the optimal solution for planning routes and resources. Drag-and-drop assignment and Google Map views allow you to see detailed mapping to street level, with zoom level views.

Whether you have staff dedicated to planning routes and resources, or whether you do this yourself straight after taking a booking, Freedom® is a fast and user-friendly solution for planning routes and resources, saving you time and money.

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Improve your business through mobility and connectivity

Whether you are an executive car, courier or transport company, Freedom’s Web Booker and mobile App offers your clients the ability to make new bookings, manage existing ones and update their account profile - all from their desktop, tablet or mobile phone. 

  • Integrate your website directly into our Web Booker.
  • Create and allocate loyalty and rewards schemes to client accounts, helping unlock their potential.
  • Reduce administration costs by allowing customers to produce their own reports.
  • Customise your Web Booker and App to meet your client’s needs.

Giving your clients the flexibility and ability to book quickly online, via the web or their mobile device, is crucial to enhancing your business. Seamless integration with Freedom® Web Booker and App ensures clients can book jobs, view account information and track the status of their booking or vehicle.

With a host of features and flexibility, including responsive Web Booker ensures your customers have the ability to manage their own bookings anytime, anywhere - saving you time and money, eliminating re-keying errors and cutting down on administration costs.

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Increase efficiency and levels of customer service

Freedom® makes pricing and invoicing quick, easy and efficient, allowing you to concentrate on providing exceptional customer service. Whether individual, SME, corporate or public sector clients.

  • Granular pricing models to suit your business needs.
  • Customisable invoicing and reconciliation.
  • Integrated Level 3 credit card payments.
  • Configurable driver pay models.
  • Automated payment and invoice processes.

Designed to make pricing and invoicing quick, easy and efficient, Freedom® enables you to do your job more effectively and allows you to provide a high level of customer service. Level 3 card processing gives you an edge when dealing with public sector or large corporate clients.

Freedom® has a unique hierarchical rates facility, allowing you to decide what you charge for and how these items are calculated. Items are initially set up as global rates, then, to provide maximum flexibility, Freedom® allows each of the global items to be overridden or added to within pricing groups, tariffs and specific accounts.

The overall concept is for a system of rates that can be as detailed or as simple as you decide, stepping into detailed specific account rates only where it is completely necessary.

Freedom® allows the same flexibility for calculating charges incurred from drivers and the set-up is as simple, or as detailed, as you decide is necessary.

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Complete visibility and control of your business information, when you need it

Freedoms business intelligence dashboard provides you with a unique and powerful tool, showing complete visibility of the information you need in real-time. Quickly view customisable reports, providing you with the knowledge to make informed business decisions at the right time. 

  • Browser-based access to data and information in real-time.
  • Full graphical view with drill-down.
  • Identify trends and issues allowing immediate remediation.
  • Track your business KPIs and targets.

Freedom® InSight provides complete visibility of your business information in real-time, enabling you to identify trends or issues, allowing informed decisions to be made when they happen.

Easily configured and with very little training, you will quickly be able to query your own data and create meaningful charts and graphs. InSight will allow you to look at customer data in a number of different ways, such as by spending trends, service usage or customer feedback. 

InSight will become an invaluable tool for day-to-day operations and enable you to inform your customers how you are performing against your contracted SLAs.

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First-class support direct from our UK-based team

Catalina's UK-based customer services team is here to help. As a Freedom® customer you will receive regular communications about new functionality, features and benefits. 

  • Provided by our knowledgeable and experienced customer services team.
  • Remote support allows us to solve queries quickly and effectively.
  • On-site assistance available when required.

First-class support is key to our continued success and our customer services team are always willing to go the extra mile to make sure customers get the best value from their investment.

We care about providing great solutions and services to our customers. If you tell us that something has gone wrong or you are not happy with a service we provide, it gives us the opportunity to put things right for you. It's one of the things that sets our business apart from the rest.

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What our customers say

The bottom line is Freedom’s great - it saves us a huge amount of time and effort and wins us lots of business.

Doug Boulton

Managing Director 

Maximum Logistics Ltd