Freedom is everything you’d expect from a reliable, cost-effective and complete logistics solution… and more!

  • Easy Booking & Quotations
  • Flexible Pricing
  • Customer Invoicing
  • Drivers’ Pay
  • Route Planning & Mapping
  • Web Interface
  • Mobile Booking App’s
  • Credit Card Payments
  • Mobile Data Solutions
  • Live Vehicle Tracking
  • Management Reporting
  • Business Intelligence Dashboard
  • Full Help Desk Support


Improve Customer Service

Catalina Mug image 283 x 219 colourImprove efficiency, optimise resources and reduce admin. With Freedom you will spend less time getting caught up in paperwork and procedures, so you can spend more time focusing on your customers and your business.

Save Time and Money

No more re-keying information, no more switching between applications and no more separate, fragmented systems. Freedom provides everything you need within a single easy to use solution.

Easy Booking and Job Entry

Freedom Job Screen image 283 x 219 colourWhether your business has a small or large team responsible for customer contact, Freedom is designed to make their job quick, easy and efficient. Not only does it help them do their job effectively but it also enables you to provide excellent customer service.

The job entry screen is logical and user-friendly and custom prompts allow you to capture all relevant information and the powerful search facility to easily find, edit and copy job details. Automatic population of account information such as default service, contact details, addresses, and method of payment makes the booking process quick and efficient.

Freedom Planning Screen image 283 x 219 colourIntegrated postcode lookup software saves time and avoid errors and the credit card component allows you to accept payment on account, by credit/debit card or level 3 purchasing card - a feature which is unique to Freedom and gives you an edge when dealing with public sector/large corporate clients.

A complete audit trail  allows administrators and managers to see “who did what, and when”, an essential tool for customer service and analysis of productivity.

Interactive Planning, Mapping and Tracking

Freedom Mapping image 283 x 219 colourWhether you have staff dedicated to planning routes and resources, or whether you do this yourself straight after taking a booking, Freedom is the ideal solution to make this as easy as possible.

The screen layouts is fully customised for each user, ensuring the exact information is displayed, just as they want it. Freedom mapping calculates the best route, giving you the driving time, distance, and directions. A ‘live’ view of every resource at your disposal and detailed mapping to street level or see everything at the best zoom level ensures you have a complete visual overview.

Web Interface and Online Bookings

Take advantage of the Internet and give your clients the flexibility to book quickly online via the web. Seamlessly integrated with your web site, clients can book jobs, view all account bookings and even track the status of their job, all in real time and all integrated ‘live’ with your Freedom solution.Freedom web booker image 283 x 219 colour

Freedom web booker integrates your web site directly with Freedom removing the need to manually retrieve web bookings and re-enter them into your system saving an enormous amount of time and money and eliminating re-keying errors.

The quick and dynamic ‘self service’ booking system gives clients access to certain account details allowing them to produce their own reports without you having to lift a finger cutting down on administration costs.

Freedom InSight Business Intelligence Dashboard

The information you need, when you need it. Freedom InSight gives you complete visibility of your business information, allowing you to make informed business decisions at the right time and provide clients with tailored management information.

Freedom InSight image 283 x 219 colourThe web based application provides you with easy and quick access to information, in real time at any time and the full graphical view enables you to identify issues and trends, and act quickly.

Freedom InSight is fully customisable to look the way each user wants it to charts, graphs and tables can be configured to “drill down” to detailed information directly from Freedom. You can track your business KPIs and targets or simply act upon information that is displayed on screen. You can print reports, export data to Microsoft Excel spread sheets and email statistics to colleagues or customers.

Freedom InSight will improve your efficiency and internal communications and allow you to automate processes and email alerts to key personnel.

FreedomGo Mobile Booking App

FreedomGo 2 image 283 x 219 colourWith FreedomGo making a booking is quick and easy! FreedomGo is the smart way for your customers to make bookings. FreedomGo is a mobile App that interfaces in real-time with Freedom, enabling users to make, view and cancel bookings, however they were originally placed. FreedomGo is available for iPhone/iPad, Android and Blackberry.

FreedomGo can be lightly branded (icon and App name), or fully branded to include typefaces and colour schemes. You can also have unique features added to differentiate your service. During the booking process the user is offered their most frequently used addresses or can choose a new address by GPS location, postcode, address, train station or airport and supports the selection of pre-stored credit cards for payment as well as customised booking references and just like Freedom desktop and web everything is setup in one place.

FreedomGo allows the user to track the progress of their vehicle in real-time on their mobile devices map once the booking is confirmed and the vehicle is on-route or whilst the user, passenger or goods are on-board the vehicle

Don’t change your business to fit your software, change your software to fit your business.

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